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Najnowsze Programy:

LS Addressbook

LS Addressbook 1.0.0

Produktywność Free 1 MB

Keeping track of friends and family names and addresses is always tricky and I've never come across an app that really integrates well with my online activities. As far as offline apps fgo however, LS Addressbook does a good job of organizing your contacts in a compact and simple agenda. It has fields for the name, telephone number, address, e-mail and notes, ...zobacz szczegóły

Lantiv Timetabler

Lantiv Timetabler 6.2.36

Produktywność Free 2 MB

Lantiv Timetabler is probably one of the most complete organizational tools you can find for your primary school, high school or any other type of educational institution. Lantiv Timetabler is a free app that saves all of your necessary information into a database and then uses it to create elaborate timetables and detect any possible conflicts. This information ...zobacz szczegóły

Student DOG

Student DOG 2.1

Produktywność Free 1 MB

Student DOG is a personal information manager aimed at students who need to organize their tasks in a more efficient way. With Student DOG you can have your schedule, task list, contact manager, calendar and other useful productivity tools all in one place. All the tools included in this utility are easy to use, though the interface is a bit confusing and could ...zobacz szczegóły

Open Contacts

Open Contacts

Produktywność Free (GPL) 5 MB

Organizing contacts is an increasingly difficult task no matter who you are - if you add together all of the contacts on your mobile, e-mail and other external devices, it would probably be enough to go round the moon twice - or something like that. Open Contacts is a brave attempt at trying to tie all these contacts together. The first thing that strikes you is that, ...zobacz szczegóły


qOrganizer 3.1.5

Produktywność Free (GPL) 8 MB

qOrganizer is a free manager for all your personal information. Good organization is one of the keys to success in your student life, be it at high school, college or graduate school. This is why qOrganizer can be really useful for you. qOrganizer is one of many personal information managers in the software world today that features all the tools you need to organize ...zobacz szczegóły


OrganizeME 1.1

Produktywność Free 1 MB

OrganizeME is essentially a program that aims to be all things to all people, allowing you to create a database of contacts where you can store all manner of information about your friends and family, a calendar for programming alarms and reminders and a tool for opening files automatically. Although not particularly advanced, the built-in email client is useful ...zobacz szczegóły

Schedule It

Schedule It 4.6

Produktywność Trial version 6 MB

Running an office can be a thankless task. You almost need five brains in order to manage employees hours, schedule meetings, monitor staff, plan projects and keep on top of expenses. Luckily, there are a number of scheduling applications on the market, and Schedule It is among the best of them. In order to meet the demands of managing a busy office the program ...zobacz szczegóły


iContact 191

Produktywność Free 0 MB

My Gmail address book must be one of my most trusty contact lists that I have. I constantly refer to it because it's easy to use and intuitive. However, it's also a pain to have to log into Gmail everytime I want to access a contact. iContact works by using Gmail/Google Apps contacts list as the central database for your contacts. You can still see and edit your ...zobacz szczegóły

Custom Addressbook

Custom Addressbook 5.1

Produktywność Trial version 1 MB

If you have a lot of friends and acquaintances that you regularly contact via different methods - telephone, Skype and email - you might be interested in a desktop address book application. There are plenty around, but many are throwbacks to the early days of computing and don't really seem to have changed since they were first launched. Luckily for us, Custom ...zobacz szczegóły


EssentialPIM Free 5.51

Produktywność Free 7 MB

Managing personal information can be tricky if you need a different program to handle contacts, tasks, calendar email and your schedule. EssentialPIM Free can make the job much easier, however. EssentialPIM Free can securely schedule your day, manage your contacts, keep track of your To Do plans and organize your notes. EssentialPIM's interface is very similar ...zobacz szczegóły


NeverNote 0.99

Produktywność Free (GPL) Source code 78 MB

NeverNote is an open-source alternative to EverNote, the popular online service that lets you capture and sync data across multiple devices. Though it's not connected with or supported by the original application, NeverNote is designed to work with EverNote's servers. Therefore not only does it let you sync data in the cloud, but also includes many of the features ...zobacz szczegóły


myPortablePIM 1.5.0

Produktywność Free 39 MB

For those who like to have everything planned, here's a handy portable agenda you'll be able to take anywhere with you. myPortablePIM is a surprisingly feature rich agenda that doesn't require installation and can be run from a USB memory stick or any other portable device. It includes a calendar, a task list, a contact manager and tools to handle quick notes ...zobacz szczegóły

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