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Wally 2.4.2

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free (GPL) 6 MB

Are you tired of always having the same desktop background photo? Try Wally and see what it can do for you! Wally is an automatic wallpaper changer with a very particular characteristic: it grabs images from several sources, not only selected folders and files in your local drive, but also several online sources like Flickr, Yahoo!, Panoramio and more. Also, ...zobacz szczegóły

The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Ultimatum 64

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

The Bourne Ultimatum sees Matt Damon take the role of professional killer Jason Bourne for the third time. The secret agent is still on the sniff for details about his past and, as usual, is prepared to stop at nothing to get the information he craves. I initially thought Damon was an unusual choice for an action hero, but he's made the part his own, and installing ...zobacz szczegóły

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Wallpaper

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Wallpaper 94

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the new pretender to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's first-person shooter crown? Many reviewers claim it's a smarter, more coherent game with much better gameplay, but no doubt fans of Activision's game will beg to differ. This is a wallpaper to accompany the game. There's only one Battlefield: Bad Company 2 image and only one resolution, ...zobacz szczegóły

England Football Team Fans Wallpaper

England Football Team Fans Wallpaper 29

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

The England Football Team Fans Wallpaper is dedicated to all those supporters who will be cheering on England at the World Cup 2010. The 1024x768 desktop background is a montage of images of England fans celebrating their love of the team. Most of the supporters in the England Football Team Fans Wallpaper are sporting painted faces and expressions of delight. The ...zobacz szczegóły

Twilight: Eclipse Wallpaper

Twilight: Eclipse Wallpaper 206

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Twilight: Eclipse is the third movie of the immensely popular Twilight saga by the American author Stephenie Meyer. This official Twilight: Eclipse Wallpaperr features heart throb actor Robert Pattinson plus co-stars Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner in their roles as vampire Edward Cullen, Bella Marie Swan and werewolf Jacob Black in a resolution of 1280x1024 ...zobacz szczegóły

Any Wallpaper

Any Wallpaper 1.1.1

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Do you get bored frequently of your desktop background or wallpaper? If variety is your thing - and they say variety is the spice of life - then this might be for you. Any Wallpaper works by allowing you to set up a list of folders containing your favorite images that the program will rotate through on your desktop. Any Wallpaper lets you change the background ...zobacz szczegóły

LA Lakers 2010 Playoff Finals Wallpaper

LA Lakers 2010 Playoff Finals Wallpaper 167

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

The Los Angeles Lakers have triumphed in a dramatic 2010 NBA Playoff final against the Boston Celtics and what better way to celebrate than this LA Lakers 2010 Playoff Finals Wallpaper commemorating the final in 1280x1024 resolution. With their fifth title in 11 seasons, the LA Lakers have moved one championship behind Boston's 17 banners for the overall NBA lead ...zobacz szczegóły


Strayk 2.0

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 1 MB

After using the same wallpaper for months, don't you feel it's time for a change? Don't worry if you don't have any suitable images, Strayk takes care of everything. This easy tool presents you with a wide collection of wallpapers you can download and use for free, thus updating your desktop background with a fresh, brand new wallpaper every single day. The program ...zobacz szczegóły

Mountain Lion Wallpaper Pack

Mountain Lion Wallpaper Pack 84

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Mountain Lion Wallpaper Pack is a set of wallpapers for Apple's Mountain Lion operating system. If you can't wait for Mountain Lion - OS X 10.8 to arrive later this summer, there's a way to jump into the action early, even if you own a Windows PC. Mountain Lion Wallpaper Pack is a set of wallpapers included in Apple's newest OS, available now to download and enjoy. Mountain ...zobacz szczegóły

Mafia II Wallpaper

Mafia II Wallpaper 115

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 2 MB

Mafia II is one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year and this is an official Mafia II Wallpaper with a scene taken down at the docks. In Mafia II, you play the role of Vito Scaletta, an ex-Marine who takes up arms on behalf of his Sicilian Mafia clan. The graphics and action are very Grand Theft Auto while the language is definitely not for younger ...zobacz szczegóły

Medal of Honor Wallpaper

Medal of Honor Wallpaper 86

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

In October 2010, Medal of Honor returns with a new modern setting, the war in Afghanistan and plenty of controversy. If you're a fan of the long running franchise, here's a Medal of Honor Wallpaper featuring a war worn soldier, a Tier 1 Operator, one of 'a relatively unknown entity of handpicked warriors are called on when the mission must not fail'. While only ...zobacz szczegóły



Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Are you tired of always having the same wallpaper on your Windows Desktop? Why don't you try something different? And I'm not talking about a different image - I'm talking about using a video. With XPScene you can use any video as background for the desktop, including sound of course! This program emulates the native feature in Windows Vista Ultimate, which enables ...zobacz szczegóły

Toy Story 3 Wallpaper

Toy Story 3 Wallpaper 129

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Toy Story 3 is one of the most hotly anticipated Pixar releases and will bring back Woody and his friends for one final adventure with Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Rex and more. This time the story follows a grown up Andy who leaves for University where he takes his toys for storage only to have them dumped on the streets by his mother. The adventure begins ...zobacz szczegóły

Rango Wallpaper

Rango Wallpaper 126

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Rango is a computer-animated comedy Western directed by Gore Verbinski, featuring the voices of actors Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher and Bill Nighy among others. The plot follows a pet chameleon (voiced by Johnny Depp) who becomes accidentally stranded in the Nevada desert after his terrarium falls from his owner's car. Narrowly avoiding death, he embarks on an adventure ...zobacz szczegóły


Transformers 87

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

While all my friends wanted to be doctors, train drivers or footballers, when I was a kid all I dreamed of becoming was a Transformer. Unfortunately now I'm working at Softonic but at least this wallpaper can help me show my allegience to the autobots to my fellow workers.zobacz szczegóły

National Geographic Spider Web With Raindrops Wallpaper

National Geographic Spider Web With Raindrops Wallpaper 87

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

National Geographic is famous for its stunning photography and this image is as stunning as they come. National Geographic Spider Web With Raindrops Wallpaper shows nature's complexity and intricacy at its finest, with a beautiful spider web that's been coated in raindrops. The web is hardly visible due to the thousands of raindrops strung upon it like pearls. ...zobacz szczegóły

Alpine Lake – Animated Wallpaper

Alpine Lake – Animated Wallpaper 5.07

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Trial version 4 MB

Alpine Lake Animated Wallpaper sets an animated mountain landscape on your desktop, as a background image. The animation effects include flying butterflies, ducks swimming across the lake and some forest animals walking by. I'd personally prefer more static photos where my shortcut icons can be easily sorted out and I'm not constantly distracted by animated ...zobacz szczegóły

Dirt 3 Fansite Toolkit

Dirt 3 Fansite Toolkit 94

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

If you're excited about Codemaster's Dirt 3 rally racing game, this Dirt 3 Fansite Toolkit has everything you need to decorate your computer, phone and online accounts! The Dirt 3 Fansite Toolkit features wallpapers in nine sizes, so you can be sure there will be one to fit your screen. There are also banners, avatars, logos, box art for each platform, an iPhone ...zobacz szczegóły

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