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Broken Vista Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Broken Vista Banana Leaf Wallpaper 37

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

If you're looking for an eye catching desktop backgound why not try this Broken Vista Banana Leaf Wallpaper? It takes the Vista banana leaf background and adds a broken glass effect, so at first glance your monitor appears to have holes in it. It's a high quality image with 1600 x 1200 pixels. It's large enough for most screens, and doesn't suffer too much if it's ...zobacz szczegóły


ZapBing 2.4

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 25 MB

It may not be as popular as Google, but Bing does have some amazing background images that many people would like to use as wallpaper. If you're among them, ZapBing is the tool you're looking for. ZapBing downloads the background images used in all versions of Bing (American, German, French, Australian and Japanese) and can be set to display them automatically ...zobacz szczegóły


DeskDuster 1.01.03

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 1 MB

Is your beautiful wallpaper strewn with a mess of icons? It seems a shame to bother having one at all when it looks so untidy! DeskDuster is a tiny application that will magic your icons away if your PC is inactive for a set amount of time. Installation is simple, and you can choose whether to have DeskDuster start with Windows or need starting manually. The interface ...zobacz szczegóły

Crysis 2 Wallpaper

Crysis 2 Wallpaper 45

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Crysis 2 is one of the most eagerly awaited games of the year. Set in New York City in the year 2023, it features a city that has been evacuated due to alien attack. This free official Crysis 2 Wallpaper celebrates the launch of Crysis 2. The action shot shows the player in action against the aliens that have destroyed New York and is available in 1920 x 1065 ...zobacz szczegóły

Alice: Madness Returns Wallpaper Pack

Alice: Madness Returns Wallpaper Pack 58

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

The game Alice: Madness Returns takes you into the confused mind of Alice. It explores a fantasy landscape marked by violence as your character goes in desperate search for a cure for madness. Alice: Madness Returns Wallpaper Pack is a collection of official EA wallpapers celebrating the game and all are available in three different resolutions.zobacz szczegóły

My Daily Space Wallpaper

My Daily Space Wallpaper 1.01

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

My Daily Space Wallpaper is a great selection of spectacular hi-resolution Space images for your PC desktop. This wallpaper app does everything for you - My Daily Space Wallpaper automatically starts with your PC (although you can disable this) and provides you with a fresh space image every day. You set it to download hi-res images only, which is perfect for more ...zobacz szczegóły

Mountain Lion Galaxy Wallpaper

Mountain Lion Galaxy Wallpaper 56

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Apple has released a preview of Mountain Lion - OS X 10.8, due to be released later in 2012. If you run a Windows PC, but still want a taste of the action, try downloading this extra-terrestrial Mountain Lion Galaxy Wallpaper. The Mountain Lion Galaxy Wallpaper image is a beautiful space-scape that you can't help but admire. It's a lovely quality image too, ...zobacz szczegóły

The King's Speech Wallpapers

The King's Speech Wallpapers 218

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

The King's Speech has been one of the hit films of 2011 and covers the life of King George IV (played by Colin Firth) who suffered from a debilitating stutter which plagued his official speeches. The King's Speech Wallpapers depicts Colin Firth in various scenes from the film, including at the podium and in the official movie banner.zobacz szczegóły

Call of Duty Black Ops Wallpaper

Call of Duty Black Ops Wallpaper 50

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Call of Duty Black Ops Desktop Wallpaper pays tribute to the famous first-person shooter game from Activision. Black Ops is one of the most popular games first person-shooter games of recent times and this image depicts a moment of frantic action during a battle with a soldier on the front line firing against enemy forces.zobacz szczegóły

Transformers 3 Wallpaper

Transformers 3 Wallpaper 38

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Transformers 3) sees the return of the Transformers and actors Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Turturro. This time the war on Cybertron between the Autobots and Decepticons appears to be lost to the Autobots and the plot somehow manages to shoehorn in the 1969 Moon landing claiming that the Apollo capsule is a wrecked ...zobacz szczegóły

Joe Frazier Wallpaper

Joe Frazier Wallpaper 14

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

The legend of boxer Joe Frazier lives on in this desktop wallpaper which shows Frazier back in his heyday flooring another giant of the ring, Muhammad Ali. This stylish black and white action shot shows Frazier launching a brutal left hook in one of their many classic duels and is available in 1024x768 resolution.zobacz szczegóły

Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer

Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer 6.5.4

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 1 MB

If you have a large collection of photos, one of the best ways to show them off is by using them as desktop wallpaper. But if you can't be bothered to change your wallpaper manually, then you could use Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer. This app takes over the wallpaper management on your system, updating the Windows desktop background automatically according ...zobacz szczegóły

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