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Zmiana wyglądu systemu

Najnowsze Programy:

Vista Sidebar XP

Vista Sidebar XP 1.0

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Vista Sidebar XP is a little application for XP users that will give you a taste of one of the most coveted features of Microsoft Vista - the desktop sidebar. Some time ago, Microsoft Windows XP was replaced by Vista. The new operating system brought about a bevy of changes, including a revamped desktop environment, designed not only to look good, but also to improve ...zobacz szczegóły

Real Desktop

Real Desktop Standard 1.80

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Trial version 8 MB

Real Desktop is one of those PC applications that aren't really that useful, but have such an attractive effect on your system that you want to install them anyway. Real Desktop turns your Windows desktop into a three-dimensional environment where all your shortcuts look like small pieces that have been dropped on the floor – and they actually behave ...zobacz szczegóły


Decor8 1.0

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Trial version 30 MB

Decor8 is a desktop customization application for Windows 8 and Windows RT that allows you to customize the Windows tiled interface. Windows 8 comes with plenty of user customizations out of the box but for some odd reason, users couldn't change the background of the new "start" menu to anything other than what Microsoft has included. Decor8 changes that by allows ...zobacz szczegóły

Thoosje Vista Sidebar

Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 9 MB

Thoosje Vista Sidebar is a desktop sidebar filled with fun gadgets to keep you entertained for hours. Thoosje Vista Sidebar's applications range from clock and calendar to more advanced options, like RSS feeds, network activity monitor and torrent search. These functions are chosen from a menu and then dragged wherever you want them on the sidebar. And don't ...zobacz szczegóły

Vistapack XP

Vistapack XP 2.3 Beta

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 17 MB

Vistapack XP basically changes the Start menu, icons, toolbar, adds transparencies, changes sounds, cursors etc etc up to around 240 file changes according to the developers - not bad. The installation is easy taking you through the process gently and warning you about any changes it is about to make. They've also accounted for the fact that the program is wiped ...zobacz szczegóły


WinLaunch 0.4.5

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 16 MB

WinLaunch is a simple, free application that gives you a sleek Mac OS X Lion launchpad for your Windows desktop. When you download the WinLaunch file, you'll see that there are versions supporting both 32 and 64-bit incarnations of Windows, which is a nice touch. When you open up the relevant version, you'll see a fairly lengthy welcome screen - read it, as it tells ...zobacz szczegóły


DesktopSnowOK 2.22

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

DesktopSnowOK is a free program that will let you have snow falling on your desktop, no matter what time of the year! This is a sweet, if not very advanced app. It's free, light on resources and does exactly what it says it will, but ultimately DesktopSnowOK lacks polish and options. For a quick holiday fix, however, it's a great choice! The DesktopSnowOK options ...zobacz szczegóły



Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 8 MB

If you often run out of space on your desktop due to the amount of apps opened at the same time, maybe you should consider moving on to a panoramic desktop. This is precisely what you can have with 360desktop: a full panoramic, 360º desktop where you can freely move around and which increases the available space by twice or three times. Simply launch ...zobacz szczegóły



Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 2 MB

IconRestorer is almost overloaded with options - you can choose for it to start on startup, and set regular icon backups too (although only if you make a donation to the developer). The attractive interface is intuitive, and features a button to restore the last desktop layout, save the current one and more. All backups are kept and you can save wallpapers with ...zobacz szczegóły


Vystal 2008 Beta

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 1 MB

Working with Windows all day every day I feel like I know the XP interface better than I do my own body. Although I don't want to upgrade to Vista just yet, I'm not averse to the idea of doing so in the near future, so I thought I'd give Vystal a try to escape the world of XP and experience what it might be like to work within a more modern desktop environment. However, ...zobacz szczegóły


T3Desk 2010 10.09

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

T3Desk is very easy to install and setup. Unlike other similar desktop eyecandy, it's surprisingly light on system resources and gives you the opportunity to handle all running apps and opened windows on your overcrowded desktop in an easier way. All you have to do to use T3Desk is press the Ctrl, Shift or Alt key while clicking on the minimize button on any window ...zobacz szczegóły

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