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John's Background Switcher

John's Background Switcher

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 2 MB

Do you get bored of your background wallpaper? John's Background Switcher periodically changes the background image on your computer to ensure it's always looking fresh. John's Background Switcher allows you to configure when you want to change the background (such as every hour or every day) and you can specify which pictures to use in a number of ways. For example, ...zobacz szczegóły

The Sims 3 Wallpaper Pack

The Sims 3 Wallpaper Pack 312

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

The Sims 3 Wallpaper Pack is a collection of desktop backgrounds based around the popular video game of the same name. If you're a fan of the game then you should definitely check out The Sims 3 Wallpaper Pack to show how much you love this game to the rest of the world! The wallpapers come in two designs (the game's official logo, and the famous Sim green plumbob ...zobacz szczegóły

New Year Wallpaper

New Year Wallpaper 265

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

If you've decided to stay inside this New Year's Eve there are plenty of ways to experience the thrill of the party without having to brave hoards of drunks and pay extortionate prices for entry into bars. Simply install deviantART's New Year Wallpaper onto your PC and you'll have a ready-made view of a typical end of year scene. This eye-catching background ...zobacz szczegóły

Little Big Planet 2 Wallpaper

Little Big Planet 2 Wallpaper 179

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

The sequel to one of the most original games of recent years on Playstation 3 is Little Big Planet 2 and this is your chance to put Sackboy on your desktop. This fun and colorful Little Big Planet 2 Wallpaper is in 1920 x 1200 resolution so its suitable for large monitors although you will find other sizes and resolutions on the official website.zobacz szczegóły

StarCraft II

StarCraft II 239

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Starcraft II has been one of the most anticipated games of year and many fans have celebrated its release with a selection of high resolution wallpapers from the game. StarCraft II Wallpaper Pack features mainly the Terrans including a close-up of a space marine with his visor raised and battle face on. Another wallpaper features the stunning and iconic Starcraft ...zobacz szczegóły

Cars 2 Wallpaper

Cars 2 Wallpaper 142

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Cars 2 Wallpaper is a fun desktop background featuring one of the stars of the hit Disney Pixar movie, Lightning McQueen. The wallpaper features a bright, 3D effect image of the chirpy protagonist in front of a plain black background. The official logo of the movie appears in the top corner of the Cars 2 Wallpaper. The Lightning McQueen wallpaper is one of many ...zobacz szczegóły

Wallpaper Slideshow LT

Wallpaper Slideshow LT 1.5.1

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 1 MB

Wallpaper Slideshow LT is a simple wallpaper changer that will take over the hard task of selecting a new background image for the Windows desktop. The choice is made among the files and folders you've previously selected from your hard drive. If you don't have any suitable images, you can always use some from the developer's own photo collection. You'll have ...zobacz szczegóły

England Wallpaper

England Wallpaper 31

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

If you're supporting the English team in the 2010 World Cup, then make sure you install this England Wallpaper. England Wallpaper has a very minimalist design, based around the England football strip. The free desktop background is largely white, with an England badge in the top corner, the Umbro logo in the bottom corner, and the famous Three Lions motif displayed ...zobacz szczegóły

PacketOverload's GTA IV Wallpaper

PacketOverload's GTA IV Wallpaper 231

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

PacketOverload's GTA IV Wallpaper includes scenes from the Grand Theft Auto IV game as wallpapers for your PC's desktop background. If you're a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto IV, a great way to show it is to display scenes from the popular game on your desktop for everyone to see. PacketOverload's GTA IV Wallpaper gives you a lot of great wallpapers to choose ...zobacz szczegóły

PES 2011 Wallpaper

PES 2011 Wallpaper 215

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

PES 2011 Wallpaper is a wallpaper dedicated to lovers of Pro Evolution Soccer and the 2011 release of the game. This wallpaper shows the world's greatest player Lionel Messi with the logo of the game at the bottom of the wallpaper. There are a few too many dark colors in this wallpaper for the logo and player to stand out but fans of Pro Evolution won't care ...zobacz szczegóły

Dream Wallpaper

Dream Wallpaper 1.2

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 14 MB

If you get easily bored of your desktop or your desktop background, Dream Wallpaper is a free and easy-to-use solution that changes your computer desktop wallpaper. With Dream Wallpaper, the developer has left 80,000 high-quality free wallpapers at your disposal, ranging on themes from Movies to Stars, Nature, Cartoons, Art, Animal and Games. Dream Wallpaper ...zobacz szczegóły

FC Barcelona Andrés Iniesta Wallpaper

FC Barcelona Andrés Iniesta Wallpaper 139

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Andres Iniesta is arguably one of the greatest midfield players ever to have worn the Barcelona or Spain shirt. Although overshadowed by Leo Messi's dribbling skill at Barcelona and subsequently overlooked in the big award ceremonies, both football fans and players regularly hail him as the greatest player on the planet alongside his midfield partner Xavi. His ...zobacz szczegóły

Megamind - Wallpaper

Megamind - Wallpaper 204

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Megamind is a blockbuster 3D animated superhero comedy film produced by DreamWorks featuring the voices of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross with Brad Pitt and Ben Stiller as Bernard. The plot of Megamind follows Will Ferrell as a super-intelligent alien who is sent to Earth by his parents as his home planet is destroyed by a black hole. However, ...zobacz szczegóły

Wallpaper Master

Wallpaper Master Pro 2.16

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Wallpaper Master offers a number of options to renew your desktop background image. Create categories to organize your wallpapers and order your different images in a list on the interface. Individual Overrides, like style, alignment or border can be modified directly from the program window. Images can also be set up on multiple monitors in one click. Despite ...zobacz szczegóły

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