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Enchanted Wallpaper

Enchanted Wallpaper 212

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

I haven't seen it yet, but if it's anything like Roger Rabbit then I'm sure Enchanted will be brilliant. Hang on, I've just read the plot description and it sounds nothing like Roger Rabbit apart from that it merges live action with cartoon animation. Oh well, it's probably OK. Don't take my word for it though, after all this is a review of a desktop wallpaper ...zobacz szczegóły


EarthView 4.2.5

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Trial version 17 MB

EarthView is a dynamic desktop wallpaper and screensaver, which displays beautiful views of the earth with daylight and night shadows. It produces colorful, high quality, high resolution images for every screen resolution - even beyond 1600x1200. The program supports map and globe views, urban areas, city lights, atmospheric effects, clouds, local time display ...zobacz szczegóły

Champions League Final 2009 Wallpaper

Champions League Final 2009 Wallpaper 195

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

If you've any interest in football at all then you'll know doubt be getting excited about this year's Champions League final. The match, between FC Barcelona and Manchester United, could well be one of the all-time classic European finals. If you're getting excited about the game then why not install the Champions League Final 2009 Wallpaper? Likewise if you're ...zobacz szczegóły

Broken Aero Vista Black Wallpaper

Broken Aero Vista Black Wallpaper 151

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

If you're looking for an eye catching desktop backgound why not try this Broken Aero Vista Black Wallpaper? It takes the Vista Aero look and adds a broken glass effect, so at first glance your monitor appears to have a big hole in it. It's a high quality image with 1920 x 1200 pixels. It's large enough for most screens, and doesn't suffer too much if it's stretched ...zobacz szczegóły

F1 2010 Wallpaper Pack

F1 2010 Wallpaper Pack 162

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

The 2010 Formula 1 season is upon us already and what an intriguing one it promises to be, with Michael Schumacher back in the driver's seat. This F1 2010 Wallpaper Pack contains high resolution images of all the cars taking part in this year's title race including Ferrari F10, el Renault R30, McLaren MP4-25 and Lotus T127. The only team car missing is HRT. Each ...zobacz szczegóły

Wallpaper Downloader

Wallpaper Downloader 2.6

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Wallpaper Downloader lets you download all the beautiful wallpapers used as background images in Bing. The process couldn’t be easier. After creating a user account – which requires only an email address and a password – Wallpaper Downloader will start downloading the images from Bing servers. The program is set by default ...zobacz szczegóły

Bing Wallpaper Pack

Bing Wallpaper Pack 169

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Are you a fan of Bing or simply like stunning landscapes? If so, this official Bing Wallpaper Pack is the perfect collection of attractive landscapes with the Bing logo. The landscapes vary from gorgeous Mountain scenery to idyllic beaches and tranquil lakes. They're all available in a variety of resolutions to suit all desktops.zobacz szczegóły

Flickr Wallpaper Rotator

Flickr Wallpaper Rotator 1.3

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Flickr Wallpaper Rotator is a Windows wallpaper rotator that takes its wallpaper feed from Flickr. With this Flickr wallpaper changer, you'll never get bored with your desktop again. When you install Flickr Wallpaper Rotator, open up the options. Here you'll be able to tweak two main values - how often the wallpaper changes (by minutes, hours or even weeks) and where ...zobacz szczegóły

Aero 7 Windows Seven Wallpapers

Aero 7 Windows Seven Wallpapers 159

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Looking forward to Windows 7? You can already get yourself into the mood with these beautiful wallpapers for your background. Aero 7 Windows Seven Wallpapers is a pack of high resolution wallpapers inspired by the Windows 7 look and feel. You have two main versions of the same design, with the Windows logo in the center of the screen: one in blue, one in black. That's ...zobacz szczegóły

St. Valentine's Day Wallpapers

St. Valentine's Day Wallpapers 140

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's about time you start getting in the mood. And a good way to begin is by decorating your desktop with these St. Valentine's Day Wallpapers. St. Valentine's Day Wallpapers is a collection of more than 130 desktop background images to give a romantic touch to your computer. They all have a Valentine's-themed design ...zobacz szczegóły

Chameleon for Windows 8

Chameleon for Windows 8

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Chameleon for Windows 8 is a simple desktop customization application that will allow you to pick or automatically change your lock screen background. Windows 8 offers tons of user customization but the included backgrounds can become boring very quickly. Chameleon for Windows 8 keeps your lock screen background interesting by cycling through new photos at a set interval. ...zobacz szczegóły

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Wallpaper

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Wallpaper 151

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

He may be about 87 years old now but Indiana Jones still knows how to bust in a move in his quest for archaeological glory. In his latest adventure our intrepid hero must recover a precious crystal skull. This official wallpaper of the movie proves that Harrison Ford has still got it, and looking at him standing ready for action in his classic get-up you wouldn't ...zobacz szczegóły

Diablo III Demon Wallpaper

Diablo III Demon Wallpaper 93

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Diablo III is the much anticipated fantasy action role-playing game from developers Blizzard. The game is set in Sanctuary, the dark world for the entire Diablo series. Warriors who survived an ancient massacre have gone mad from their ordeals and now a new generation of heroes face the forces of evil threatening Sanctuary. This Diablo III Demon Wallpaper featuring ...zobacz szczegóły

UEFA Euro 2008 Wallpaper

UEFA Euro 2008 Wallpaper 141

Zmiana wyglądu systemu Free 0 MB

Being a massive football fan, I'm really looking forward to the forthcoming Euro 2008 Championships, which take place in Austria and Switzerland in June. The tournament looks set to be a real cracker and what better way to prepare for the footy-fest than by downloading the official wallpaper of the championships? Its design is stylish yet conservative. It's ...zobacz szczegóły

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