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Custom Addressbook 5.1 wersja programu

kategoria programu: Inne > Produktywność

  • Licencja: Trial version
  • Aktualizacja: 2014-06-27
  • Ocena:ocena (1)
  • Producent:
  • System: Windows 95 / Windows 98 / Windows ME / Windows NT / Windows XP / Windows Vista
  • Rozmiar: 1 MB
  • Pobrano: 70 raz(y)
Custom Addressbook 5.1

Opis programu Custom Addressbook 5.1:

If you have a lot of friends and acquaintances that you regularly contact via different methods - telephone, Skype and email - you might be interested in a desktop address book application. There are plenty around, but many are throwbacks to the early days of computing and don't really seem to have changed since they were first launched.
Luckily for us, Custom Addressbook is a light, fresh address book app that will keep your contacts in good order. The concept is simple - each entry has various fields for name, number, address, etc. - and the tool facilitates search and grouping so that your addresses will always be close to hand. The Custom Addressbook interface is also very versatile - you can customize the information fields, apply different skins and create or delete categories so that the program will always reflect your life.
Nobody could argue that Custom Addressbook is innovative or revolutionary, but it is a solid application that has a few nice touches. Password protection is always a welcome addition, and the Asian language support will mean Custom Addressbook appeals to a broader audience. Conscious of the changing nature of modern communications, the app also facilitates Skype usernames in the Phone field.
Custom Addressbook is a solid, if uninspiring, address management tool.

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