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Domino FLV Video Converter 1.20.820 wersja programu

kategoria programu: Multimedialne > Video

  • Licencja: Trial version
  • Aktualizacja: 2014-06-27
  • Ocena:ocena (1)
  • Producent:
  • System: Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista
  • Rozmiar: 8 MB
  • Pobrano: 83 raz(y)
Domino FLV Video Converter 1.20.820

Opis programu Domino FLV Video Converter 1.20.820:

Domino FLV Video Converter is an all-in-one application for optimizing your videos for a wide range of devices and players.
The interface is really simple, with three big buttons, Add, Edit and Options at the top, and a big Start button at the bottom. You can set up your conversions manually, or use the preset profiles. There are lots to choose from, like iPod, iPhone, mobile phone, PS3 video and Apple TV. As well as formats and sizes etc, you can do things like adding watermarks and timestamps to you video. Once you've chosen your profile settings, hit start and the conversion starts.
Domino FLV Video Converter's video preview window is small, but comes with a snapshot button, so you can take screen shots of your videos too (in the original format size). Conversion speed is fine, and in the registered version you can perform batch conversions. The demo limits conversions to 3 minutes, and also sticks a watermark in the converted video, so it's really only useful as an evaluation of the application. If you've used a converter before, Domino FLV Video Converter will be really familiar, and is really easy for newcomers to pick up too.
Domino FLV Video Converter is easy to use, and has enough options for most users conversion needs although there is nothing that makes this stand out as an amazing application

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