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Easy GIF Animator 6.0 wersja programu

kategoria programu: Graficzne > Design & fotografia

  • Licencja: Trial version
  • Aktualizacja: 2014-06-27
  • Ocena:ocena (1)
  • Producent:
  • System: Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Rozmiar: 14 MB
  • Pobrano: 83 raz(y)
Easy GIF Animator 6.0

Opis programu Easy GIF Animator 6.0:

Easy GIF Animator is a tool that makes creating these animated GIFs a breeze, allowing you to make banners, buttons and animated images that will help make the most of your website.

Animated GIF images are a great way to draw attention to your website, informing visitors what they have to do and how.
Easy GIF Animator's best features are the easy-to-use interface, intuitive layout and handy wizards. Everybody will be able to quickly produce eye-catching additions to their sites as a consequence, even people who have never done anything similar.
Most people will start with one of the wizards, which explains every step very clearly. There is also a video tutorial available from the Easy GIF Animator website, and ample help files, in case you get stuck.
Once you have the hang of Easy GIF Animator, you'll be able to create animated images, either from scratch or by importing your own set of GIFs. Regardless of the method, Easy GIF Animator provides access to editing tools, so you'll be able to change colors, re-order frames, modify images and animate your buttons and banners.
There is also a selection of more advanced options, such as a means to upload the finished images to your site. Everything can be previewed, both online and offline, so you know exactly how your animation is turning out.
Easy GIF Animator doesn't offer a whole lot of configuration options, but that's not a problem as there is plenty of help and lots of options available from the normal interface. Admittedly, GIF animations aren't as popular as they once were, but if it's what you want, you should give Easy GIF Animator a try. Like the name suggests, the tool is simple to use and should have you creating colorful animations in a matter of minutes.
If it's GIF animations you're after, Easy GIF Animator is the program for you.

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