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ArtSee 1.97f wersja programu

kategoria programu: Graficzne > Design & fotografia

  • Licencja: Free
  • Aktualizacja: 2014-06-27
  • Ocena:ocena (1)
  • Producent:
  • System: Windows 95 / Windows 98 / Windows 98 SE / Windows ME / Windows 2000 / Windows NT / Windows XP
  • Rozmiar: 0 MB
  • Pobrano: 70 raz(y)
ArtSee 1.97f

Opis programu ArtSee 1.97f:

ArtSee is an original photo viewer which works mainly as a slideshow tool, instead of the standard viewer with a folder tree on one side and photo thumbnails on the other.
With ArtSee you can view all the images inside a given folder in a very intuitive way, just by pressing the Page Up and Page Down buttons or scrolling through them with the mousewheel. There's also the possibility to have automatic slideshows that display photos according to a certain period of time.
Besides slideshows, ArtSee features many other tools like zoom and rotate, the possibility to see photos in full screen or use them as Windows wallpaper, and also many tools from the Windows shell such as move, rename, copy, paste and even send to the Recycle bin.
The most original feature in ArtSee is the complete lack of toolbars and menus. While this increases the amount of interface room that can be devoted to viewing pictures, it also makes the program harder to use, as all commands are triggered via context menus. The good thing is that ArtSee supports keyboard shortcuts for most of those commands and tools, though that implies that you'll have to learn all of them by heart.
With ArtSee you can view photos on your computer screen in a handy, customizable slideshow.

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